Uxbridge College Classes & Services

More Energy Uxbridge runs a Cardio Circuit Class every Tuesday and Thursday from 5.30-6.30pm. MEU also allows members use of its sister site, More Energy Hayes' class timetable.

For further information on the classes available please contact a member of staff via email.


or alternatively you can phone: 01895 475454

We encourage members to book classes in advance and arrive 5 minutes prior to the start of the class. All class attendees are required to sign in at reception, pay the relevant fee and collect a class pass. We apologise if you are unable to attend a class due to lack of space or equipment.

Please note that a minimum of three participants are required or the class will be cancelled.

Personalised Programmes

When you sign up with More Energy Uxbridge you are entitled to a free 1 hour session with a fitness instructor to write and guide you through a personalised fitness program. The program will be tailored to you and is designed so you get the maximum enjoyment and success from your workouts. The program can be reviewed at anytime and a member of the fitness team will always be on hand to help you with it.

Nutritional Consultation

Our dedicated team can review your current habits via a completed diary and advise you on the necessary steps to help improve your daily intake. Suggested eating plans, facts and tips will be presented to you within your consultation to help set individual goals that are realistic and achievable.

Personal Training

If you struggle when it comes to motivation or if you wish to achieve a greater insight into your training and progress then personal training is the answer. It allows you to enjoy the undivided attention of a highly skilled instructor, enabling you to achieve your goals faster. You'll learn to perfect your technique and maintain sufficient pace and intensity to bring out optimum results. You'll work very hard, however we guarantee you'll find it extremely rewarding and fun.

TRX Training Sessions

TRX Suspension Training is a new approach to exercise that leverages one's own body weight and the force of gravity and is designed to develop strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, coordination and core stability all simultaneously. The system utilizes a system of straps, buckles and grips that allows the user to work against their own body weight. TRX training engages the core on every exercise in addition to providing some cardio fitness in every single workout. TRX Suspension Training is offered in small group training format or one to one's, additional fees required. Only available at MEU*

Cholesterol testing

More Energy Uxbridge also perform Cholesterol tests, so if you are worried that your lifestyle is negatively effecting your health or if you are just curious on your Cholesterol level then see a member of staff for dates of Cholesterol testing.

Weight management courses

How can we help you to lose weight for good? More Energy Uxbridge exclusive 6-week course is designed to promote long-term lifestyle changes and to encourage permanent weight loss. It concentrates on making positive and gradual changes in your diet and exercise patterns. You will have one-to-one consultations each week to give you the advice you need. This helps to monitor your progress and to keep you motivated to achieve your overall goals. A progressive exercise programme will also be done to help improve your fitness ability.

Fitness Testing

Fitness testing is a great way to record and measure your progress at the gym. The fitness team can do a number of assessments (e.g. flexibility, cardio vascular endurance, hand grip strength, muscular endurance and 1RM) which can be repeated after a set period of time in order to assess whether your training is improving your fitness or you need to alter your program.

Skin fold test

The skin fold test is another method used by health professionals to measure the percentage of body fat a person has. This method is more accurate than the standard BMI test and can be used to give someone a more accurate estimation of his or her body fat percentage. The test is carried out using skin callipers that measure the amount of subcutaneous fat beneath the surface of the skin. A total of six measurements are taken and the body fat percentage is calculated using these measures and the height, weight and gender of the person.



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